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Vinh And Tu

Brother and Sister From Saigon To San Diego

We are brother and sister Vinh Duong and Tu Duong. We grew up in a small town in Vietnam where we learned to appreciate the art of slow brewing coffee with ancient Phin filters. Each month, our father would travel to a far away village to bring the best coffee beans back to my mother so she could make delicious iced coffee for us.    


When we first came to the US we missed that coffee so much we decided to recreate the coffee we loved so dearly.   So we created Saigon Coffee in 2012 and opened at the Hillcrest Farmers Market to bring delicious iced coffee to San Diego.  


Since then, every single cup we made has been brewed with  Phin’s - the old fashioned way.  It may be slow, but its the  only way we know to get the unique and rich flavor we love. 

The Original Recipe

The Original Recipe

In 1977, our mother Mai Trang created the original recipe that we based our Original Saigon Coffee on.  


My father traveled each month to the province of Dak Lak in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to bring the best coffee beans home to my mother.

Each morning she would take a scoop of those coffee beans, grind them and then slowly brew them in phin’s for us to enjoy.

She was known for making the strongest coffee in town and the most delicious too.   Our whole extended family would come to our house to drink her delicious coffee.

Every Drop Of Saigon Coffee is Phin Brewed

Brewing authentic Vietnamese coffee is a slow process and requires a lot of patience.

Even though it is slow and inefficient, we still brew every single drop of Saigon Coffee with Phin Filters - the old fashioned way.  We do not used pre-made coffee or espresso machines.


We order extra large Phin’s which help us brew about 3 quarts of very concentrated coffee.


The whole is very slow.  It takes approximately 4 hours for us to brew the coffee to make the final cup of Iced Coffee for our customers.

Sai Gon Retro
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