You Money Grubbing, Penny Pinching, Horrible Coffee Making Man

He is the CEO of FrogWarts International Coffee.  He came up with the slogan, “Put some FrogWarts in your Cup”. He counts his money every night and squeezes every last penny he can from his customers.  Heck, he’ll even put his own kids to work late at night in sweat shops to squeeze every dime in profits he can.

He’s been known to rummage through garbage cans outside KFC for scraps of old chicken to feed employees at Christmas parties.  But he drives a nice car.  Yeah he drives a Lexis with Gold trim and skids out when he passes a rain puddle to drench nuns and priest as they walk down the street.

He is a money grubbing, penny pinching CEO and makes one horrible coffee.

There’s a new CEO of Coffee and it ain’t you Mr Cheap Face.


One of the reasons that you start a coffee brand is for fancy titles.  So, we proudly announce the first woman CEO of Coffee  – Tu McKenna.  She has shattered the glass ceiling of your typical money grubbing male CEO.  She is breaking all barriers down to just create the best iced coffee you can drink at the right price.  On top of that, she donates 10% of all proceeds directly back to orphanages in Vietnam.

Goodbye old school CEO.  Hello Tu McKenna of Saigon Coffee.