Have you ever noticed that you order and Ice Coffee and it just doesn’t taste as good as the regular coffee you drink?  Well there is a reason for that and that reason is “Ice” among several other things.  We thought about the top 5 secrets to Ice Coffee and we are here to share them with you.

1)  Good Ice Coffee is Strong because it gets diluted over time  (Brew it twice the strength you like for hot coffee)

You can’t take a pot of coffee and pour it over ice and expect to get a great Ice Coffee.  The coffee melts the ice (even if the coffee is cold) and you end up with a watery and tasteless Iced Coffee.  The key to a good Iced Coffee is to brew it at least twice as strong, chill it down and then pour it over ice once it is already iced cold.  Thats one of the reason that Vietnamese Coffee’s like Saigon Coffee taste so good is because we start out with a super strong drip brew.

2) Add a Dash – Good Ice Coffee has dashes of other wonderful flavors

A black Iced Coffee needs a kick, whether its a splash of Vanilla, or a bit of Hazlenut, or a spoonful of condensed milk.  Iced Coffee taste better when something sweet is dashed in to boost the flavor and let the iced coffee stick to the ice for that flavorful richness.  We use a combination of delicious ingredients to make the flavor pop.

3) From the top – Sip from the Top

Here is the Vietnamese secret that has been passed down from generation to generation.  When you get an iced coffee take your straw and sip from the top.  That is where most of the ice is melting so you are experiencing the coffee at its best flavor.  If you sip from the bottom you are going to drink the concentrated coffee and at the end it will be too watery to drink.  Sip from the top people!

4)  Let the coffee sit one day in the fridge – Let the flavors harmonize

If you let your brewed coffee sit one day in the fridge the flavors harmonize and you get a richer flavor.  Also, letting your coffee sit in the fridge ensures that you will get a cold beverage that won’t melt the ice to quickly.

5) Use Good Beans

Find a mix of coffee beans that deliver a great mix of flavor, acidity and aroma.  No one bean or roasting style typically gives you exactly what you want so mixing coffee is very important.  We spent 6 months finding the right mix of beans in creating our own proprietary blend which we believe delivers the most superior taste for Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  You can buy our roasted beans by the pound and even try it for yourself if you want to experiment with creating your own fabulous Iced Coffee.

Thanks for checking out our blog!  Have beautiful Iced Coffee Dreams.