Simple is better.  Life in Vietnam is simple. If you visit Vietnam,  you can be taken back in time to a world similar to the way we lived here in the United States 100 years ago.  A world not dictated by technology and progress, but by relationships and people.


The Vietnamese people like their coffee simple too.  So much so that they have not changed the old-fashioned way they make it for over 100 years.  The Vietnamese Coffee Press or “Phin” as it is called is a remarkably simple device.  It does not require electricity.  It doesn’t brew 30 cups an hour.  It’s slow.  But it arguably makes some of the best coffee in the world.


To brew a Vietnamese Coffee you put two tablespoons of semi coarsely ground coffee into the filter, push down the grinds and then set the filter on top of  a glass with about 1 inch of sweetened condensed milk in it.  You pour a bit of very hot water over the beans, wait a bit, pour a little more and wait a bit more until you have about 6 ounces of freshly brewed Vietnamese Coffee in your glass.  It is pure heaven – and most importantly – its simple.  Its true that simple things are the best things in life.

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