Bonjour Little Saigon. Bonjour mon petite ami.  It is so good to meet you!  What is that you say?  You are a full serving of Vietnamese Coffee?  How is that possible?  You are so petite?  Oh do tell me more.

1 little bottle, 1 full-serving of Vietnamese Coffee 

We’re happy to announce our 1 serving bottle that pours beautifully over a 16 oz cup of crushed ice.  (actually it’s a wee bit more but whose really counting?).   As we always say, you can drink it straight and soar through the stratosphere or sip it slowly over ice.  Either way, we’re sure you will enjoy the rich, creamy taste of Saigon Coffee in this cute little bottle.

Available at HillCrest Farmers Market

If your itching to get your coffee buzz, you can see us over at the HillCrest Farmers Market every Sunday.  We’ll be waiting for you with a ice-cold rich and creamy coffee!