Tired of Weak Iced Coffee?

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Have more Fun!

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Our Extra Large Phin Filters Help Us Brew Lots of Rich Coffee

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We brew our Vietnamese Coffee a very old fashioned way.  We use only gravity through a unique filter called a Vietnamese Phin.   We special ordered these extra large filters which can brew a pound of coffee at a time.

And we brew a lot of coffee every week – probably 15-20 gallons drip by drip.  Our process is the slowest process to brew coffee but it actually makes the richest most original chocolate-like flavor that you can find.  Our coffee flavors are much more complex than you will find in a typical cup of coffee or even an espresso machine.  The brewing process makes all the difference in the world – but its terribly inefficient.

We don’t mind though, we just want to make an awesome iced coffee for you.

The City of Saigon

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The city of Saigon is bustling and growing rapidly.  It’s a city we love so much that we named our delicious coffee after it – Saigon Coffee.   You might not hear many Vietnamese refer to Saigon by its proper name – Ho Chi Minh City.  The reason for that is that many Southern Vietnamese migrated to the US right after the war and still think of Saigon as the city that it was when they were there.

Saigon Coffee derived its recipe from the street vendors that sell Vietnamese Coffee on the streets and cafes in Saigon.  We believe its some of the best coffee in the world.

We love Saigon!

Meditate to This Drip

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This is what we do on Saturdays.  We wait and we watch coffee dripping, all day long.  It’s worth it.  Saigon Coffee is worth the wait.

Want a Zip

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When we were kids we used to try to sneak zips (aka sips) of our friends sodas.  Today, we moved on and love to zip on coffee.  What do you say, ” You want a Zip?”


Our brewed coffee is now for sale

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Our brewed coffee is a big hit at the Farmers Market.  People are really loving on it.  Do you want some?  Drop us a line.