Saigon Coffee is stuck in the dark ages – literally.  Using old Vietnamese presses that rely only on gravity to brew coffee is so outdated and old school that these consultants thought they could do us a favor.  But we literally drove them crazy.  Here is 5 Reasons Why

The Process is Too Slow, they said

Get a fancy espresso machine they said. The coffee may not be as good, but who will really notice anyway. The ROI and production will go through the roof and we can guarantee a positive EBITDA prior to the end of the year they said.  No thanks, we said.

Outsource To India, they said

We can cut your cost in half.  Simply buy cheap beans,  brew the coffee in India where labor is cheaper and ship the coffee in Barrels on slow boats.  You’ll cut cost in half they said.  No thanks, we said.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up, they said

You can’t use a blend of coffees.  Use a single coffee.  And use more water they said.  At least half water.  And make the bottles smaller.  You’ll be minting money they said.  No thanks, we said.

Fire Half your Staff, Double Your Price

Standard corporate consultant recommendation.  No thanks, we said.

Add Preservatives and Freeze That Coffee You Idiots

You can’t be brewing fresh batches of coffee as they are needed.  You need to brew in large batches, add preservatives and then freeze.  Freeze it you idiots or we are out of here!, they said.   “Goodbye”, we said.